Memorial Keepsakes

At Luke Massey Pet Cremation and Casket Supply, we are proud to offer a wide array of urn and memorial selections that help to permanently memorialize your pet and commemorate the life they lived. We offer urns, memorial garden stones and plaques, cremation jewelry and other selections that can be uniquely personalized and engraved to fit your beloved pet’s life and personality. Please feel free to browse our site or give us a call at 304.692.2974 to see what products we can offer you and your family. We guarantee our products will meet and exceed your expectations.

**Please note: All prices for products will be given upon request.**




At Luke Massey Pet Cremation and Casket Supply, we are proud to introduce our very own line of pet caskets which can be custom designed to meet a family’s wishes or expectations. These locally made, beautifully handcrafted wood caskets are available to those families interested in burial as a means of their pet’s final disposition. We have often been asked if we supply pet caskets and now offer them to better accommodate the needs of those families wanting to take a more traditional approach to their pet’s end-of-life decisions. These timeless works of craftsmanship reflect that tradition and are offered in light or dark wood.


Since our opening, families have come to know us for our prompt, courteous and exceptional service and we will continue that tradition of excellence under our new name of Luke Massey Pet Cremation and Casket Supply, L.L.C. and are proud of our heritage as Preston County’s leading pet cremation and burial provider serving all of North Central West Virginia, Eastern Maryland and Southwestern Pennsylvania.


Please note:

We do not own or operate a cemetery, but can arrange for your pet’s burial on your private property, or in a local pet cemetery of your choice.


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