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Meet Our Family

Luke Massey

Company Founder/ President

Luke Massey, our founder and president, is a lifelong Preston County resident; having grown up in Arthurdale. His story has a unique twist as his company is located right beside his childhood home at 165 D-Road. Luke is a 2013 graduate of Preston High and attended Fairmont State University where he earned his degree in Administrative Office Management and Technology. Luke has a passion for animals and helping others and operates the company under the motto: “We Love Them Just as Much as You Do.” When not serving “his families” here at our pet cremation service, he assists part-time at Morgan Funeral Home in Reedsville. He can also be found taking an active part in the community, from co-hosting donation and collection drives for West Virginia Animal Advocates, a local animal rescue and adoption agency; to volunteering with the Valley District Lions Club and the Valley District Food Pantry. Luke is a member of the Catholic Church of Preston County and attends St. Zita Parish in Masontown. Families find a comforting and compassionate soul in Luke and he is honored to serve families in offering pet cremation services to Preston and surrounding counties.

Maitlan Cale

Vice-President/Director of Public Relations

Self-made businesswoman and entrepreneur, Maitlan Cale, is the grandmother of our president and founder. She also serves as our company’s Vice-President and Director of Public Relations. Following graduation from Valley High School in Masontown in 1959, Maitlan attended the Wheeling Barber College and became a duly licensed barber in the state of West Virginia. She then barbered at Haircuts for Men, on Pleasant Street in Morgantown, for nearly 20 years. Upon retirement as a barber, she pursued a career as an auctioneer; and owned and operated Sunny’s Auction, in Reedsville. Maitlan’s long and extensive skill and experience in customer relations and finance lends a very helpful hand in the day-to-day operations at our pet cremation service. She is an avid animal lover who has nursed and rescued hundreds of animals over the years, and enjoys assisting her grandson in every aspect of the pet loss industry. Maitlan, who is able to relate well to people in their time of need, is unmatched in her ability to make people feel comfortable and at ease during a most difficult time. 


Our Angel of Comfort

Tiki is our company’s mascot. At nearly 14 years of age, she is going strong and is the spryest, happiest dog you will ever meet. She relishes her daily car rides and walks! Families find a pure and unconditional soul in our Angel of Comfort. Tiki, who is able to meet families in one of the saddest moments in life, offers a steadfast, loving presence when families need it the most. We are blessed to have her as part of our family. 

Trinity Field

Tech Support

Trinity Field, a native of Arthurdale, resides in the Kanes Creek community of Kingwood with her husband Cody, and eight animals. Trinity joined our team in November 2017 and serves as our tech support and Website editor. She is a licensed West Virginia Massage Therapist. She and our founder have been lifelong friends. Trinity is an avid animal lover and enjoys playing music . Any of our deeper, more challenging technical support questions we refer directly to Trinity who is able to resolve them in a timely, efficient manner. We are pleased to have her as part of our family! 

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